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Hello and Welcome to P H A n T 0 m 'S OFFICIAL Buisness Page!! !

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So, You must be wondering - ""WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ME, Phantom?!""

Well - The answer is very simple folks: I love love LOVE celebrities! I have a collection of autographs and pictures from all the HOOTTEST celebs (and also most of their home phone numbers!!)

I'm trying to save up so I can buy a plane ticket and meet my fav (Leonardo DiCaprio I LOVE YOUU) but paying for "'Liner Time" is EXPENSIVE! My cousin told me he would give me $20 bucks if I found Sarah Michelle Gellar's address and that got me thinking "What if I could find other celebs' stuff and share it with YOU?"

pony we are in glitter hell pony

For now, there are not really alot of celebs on this page but every time I find a new one, I will upload it. (And I AM planning on listing much more). If you want to help me - You can request numbers or adresses here if you have any. Also - If you have any ideas for new celebraties you would like me to see I am looking for new ones - Just send 'em over and I promise to post them.

One last thing - These phone numbers and addresses are not FREE ! but if you pay me I will send you their information and you can save and use them on your own (And if you feel like it - Make a link back to this page ;-). Also - If you would like to get every new offer straight to your mailbox, come back soon when I finish my "Mailing List" feature.

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Angelina Jolie
Johnny Depp
Drew Barrymore
Brad Pitt
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